ONLINE sessions have been held between young carers and support workers during lockdown to make sure young people have been able to “have some fun” during the pandemic.

This is one of the ways the carers have been supported over the past few months according to the council’s youth provision boss.

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The support avenues were laid bare following a written question from councillor Robin Stuchburry, who asked how the council had supported young carers’ mental health and wellbeing in these “challenging and unprecedented times”.

A written response from councillor Tony Green, the council’s youth provision boss, read: “Carers Bucks are the commissioned provider who delivers support for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers.

“The initial phase of support during the pandemic was to contact carers

registered with the service via email and telephone to check on their wellbeing. Appropriate support was then put into place in response to these enquiries.

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“Support included links to food banks, liaisons with schools. provision of further regular ongoing contact, communication with colleagues/champions in schools.

“Further emails have been sent reminding families that we are still working and available to provide support.

“The contact details of all support workers were included in this communication to make it as easy as possible for young carers to make contact.

“Websites have been continually updated with pertinent information and links as well as a wealth of resources and activities.

“These have also been circulated via Facebook. Carers have been invited to a wide range of activities via Zoom groups.

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“The purpose of these sessions have been to maintain contact with carers during this difficult time, provide opportunities to raise concerns, allow respite from caring and to simply have fun.

“Both young carers and young adult carers have loved the chance to see their friends for a chat and staff have told us that at times they really have not felt needed.

“No physical respite has been provided during this period due to social distancing regulations.”