A Marlow pub has revealed why they change their menus on a weekly basis.

The Royal Oak in Frieth Road, recently reopened their doors after 10 months at the start of July, following a devastating fire that destroyed the pub back in September.

Originally planning to reopen to the public in the spring, this too was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A timeline since the Royal Oak's fire

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But with lockdown restrictions being eased across the country, the popular pub is now back to their best and explained why their new menu changes every seven days.

Deputy manager Luke Rogers told the Free Press: “The weekly menu changes were introduced due to coronavirus and the changes are made from what the regulars enjoy.

“The reason we chunked it down is so that we keep up-to-date with the Covid guidelines while also offering what we usually offer with the best of what we do.

“So, we were doing specials and they were changing daily but because we had to reduce the menu due to what is going on, as there couldn’t be too many people in the kitchen and we were cleaning all the time, we were actually doing more work than what was actually necessary.

“We then thought, instead of offering specials, a better approach was to keep a basic menu but then change the added extras weekly.

“This means we can keep everything fresh and up to date and in a way, it was like we were offering specials.”

The new menus are released every Thursday with Luke revealing that changes are ‘subtle’.

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They are available to read the pub’s Facebook page and it is not known how long this will continue for as the pandemic shows no signs of stopping.

He continued: “It’s usually two of the mains that change, one or two of the starters and a couple of desserts as well.

“The whole process since we reopened is trial and error, to be honest.

“But it is good for us as we then know what people like and to see what works best for us as a company, which will help us with our brand and ethos moving forward.”

Luke also said that it was 'great' that the pub has reopened.

He said: "It's like we have never been away."

For more information about the Royal Oak in Marlow, call them on 01628 488611.