Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships. Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant shares his weekly horoscope forecast from Saturday, August 1:


A desire to break away from your usual routine will be almost irresistible. You need to be active and as long as you let your loved ones know what you have in mind, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give in to this desire to do something different. Relationships will improve if you’re honest about your feelings. Remember that other people can’t read your mind and if you explain the reason why you are doing what you do, they will understand.


A partner or someone in the family wants to talk about their plans for the future. They’re hinting of something important that’s about to happen and you have a vague idea about what this might be. Whatever the situation, you do feel that events, this week, will be special in some way and you won’t be disappointed. Shopping with a creative find will not only be fun but they will help you find an unusual gift for a Leo who seems to have everything.


Secret information will be shared with you or you will discover this through a whole range of different ways and means. What you hear should be kept under wraps for now. Upgrade your passwords and protect your own interests. Avoid allowing your personal life to interfere with your job and vice versa. There’s a time to play and a time to work. Keep this in balance. Beware of overindulging in food and drink. In all areas, moderation is key.


Changes in the workplace that have been causing you sleepless nights will soon feel inconsequential. You might feel annoyed with yourself for having allowed yourself to worry over nothing. Equally, a lover’s quarrel will soon be water under the bridge. One good thing that can be said of this is that the best part of breaking up is when you’re making up. If you want a promotion, talk to your boss. Someone with your talents can reach great heights.


Your personal charisma is at an all-time high and your powers of persuasion are strong. Be careful how you use this. You are extremely charming by nature and you could talk anyone into doing anything if you really tried. This can be fun but consider your motivations. Making plans with your partner or best friend will be exciting. Something special is being arranged and this will appeal to your adventurous spirit. Just try to curb your desire to spend for the sake of spending.


Unexpected bills will mean juggling the budget. You’re looking for ways to economise. You might even decide to draw up a list of ideas on how other members of your family might cut down on their spending. They won’t thank you for it but they will act on your ideas after a little grumbling. If you are a parent, keep an eye on the health of your children. A youngster could be suffering from toothache or some other ailment but they’re keeping quiet about it.


You try to see the best in everyone. You have always been trusting but not everyone is as honest or reliable as you are. Don’t go telling all the details of your most private hopes, intimate wishes and deepest desires to a stranger. Recognise when it might be better to hold back from baring your soul to them. Home is the place where you should allow your heart to rule your actions. Within the family, there is plenty of warmth and humour.


There is little point going over and over the same argument. You can be very opinionated and you do feel strongly about something. Other people have equally as strong views and these may conflict. There is one issue in particular, where neither of you will change your mind. Agree to differ. Someone you recently met wants to get to know all about you. You might find their curiosity unnerving so watch what you say when you’re with newcomers and don’t give all your secrets away.


Matters being discussed behind closed doors will make themselves felt, on and off, for a while yet. You don’t mind carrying out conversations in private but you feel strongly that once a certain issue is finished with, you won’t want to refer to it again. It may take a while for you to feel comfortable in a new relationship but it is likely that new associations begun at this time will last well into the future.


A sense of optimism is all set to grip you. You won’t do anything foolish but you do feel a cherished hope is coming close to realisation. You’re tempted to splash out on creature comforts. Occasionally, it can be fun to be impulsive and once the week gets underway you will be back to your sensible and cautious self. Attending a small party or celebration will be fun and you could soon be reconnecting with someone you knew years ago.


A friend may need a helping hand or sympathetic ear. No matter how willing you are to provide either or both, recognise when to stop or you could end up achieving none of your own personal plans. Your instincts are reliable and you will be able to follow your hunches with success. Whether this relates to first impressions when you’re introduced to someone new or your feelings about a new project or proposal, your initial instinct will prove correct.


If for any reason, you have to break a date, take your time to explain why. Rushed explanations will leave someone confused, bewildered and disappointed. People will admire your honesty. The less you deal with routine, and the more you get involved with things that are different to usual, the more fulfilled you will feel. You’re taking a practical and cautious view to money even though there will be a temptation to buy a little gift for yourself in the weekend.