A motorist has apologised for causing long delays in Marlow on Saturday afternoon, after he tried to stop a lorry driver from going over the town’s famous bridge.

At around 12.15pm on Saturday, August 1, driver Philip Rhymer noticed a 12-wheeler lorry was going to make its way over Marlow Bridge from the Bisham side.

Knowing that the bridge has a three-tonne weight limit, he decided to stop his car and prevent the lorry from going over, with photos showing that the huge vehicle reversed into the Compleat Angler’s car park before making its way back towards Bisham.

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In a Facebook post that Mr Rhymer published in the evening of August 1, he said: “I would like to personally apologise to holding up the traffic on Marlow Bridge this morning [Saturday, August 1] approximately at 12.15pm.

“This was because I was blocking the bridge on the Marlow Rowing Club side, trying to deny the following 40+ tonne [lorry] to go over the bridge.”

His post was met with praise from fellow Marlovians before he continued: “I've had time to think about this post and reflect on my actions of yesterday [Saturday, August 1], and keep thinking [if] I did do the right thing.

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“Yes, I used my car as an obstruction between ourselves, the bridge, and the 40+ tonne lorry....(almost like David and Goliath).

“But what I don't get is why all the other drivers who were behind me were so negative!

“Even to the point when a so called retired solicitor faced up to me and told me that I had no right to close the road, and that I had to move my car!

“Which in turn, upset the passengers in my car!

“So this is where I ask the people of Marlow a question - How many of you would stand up and protect the bridge?’

“Why isn't the signage bigger so lorry drivers can see it? Before the Bisham roundabout?

“How about lowering the weight limit to 2.5 tonnes?

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“Why hasn't the town council told all the satnav companies that they need to update and reroute around Marlow.

“I'm sure there are lots of other questions we could ask!”

Marlow Bridge was shut for a considerable amount of time back in 2016, when a 37-tonne lorry went over the bridge, causing significant damage.