Marlow’s litter problems show no signs of stopping as photos of Higginson Park being covered in rubbish have surfaced.

Taken by Marlow resident Janet Melrose, the images show the huge and popular park spread with several carrier bags, cans, plastic pots and drink boxes across the grass.

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The photos were taken on the morning of Friday, July 31 and in a brief post in the Marlow Life Facebook page, Janet said: “Socially distanced litter in Higgy Park this morning!”

Several Facebook users shared their annoyance and anger after seeing the photos with one person saying: “Why can people not take there rubbish home? Or put in bins?

"It was carried to the park.”

Bucks Free Press:

Higginson Park on July 31 (Photo by Janet Melrose)

Another said: “I just don’t understand why this keeps happening.

"I don’t remember this being a problem before.

“Even when we’ve had lovely weather in the past and people have enjoyed the park, I don’t remember ever seeing so much rubbish left.”

However, someone did suggest that this may not be down to humans, with one user saying: “Pretty sure that's foxes.

“Was exactly the same Wednesday morning.

“Litter strewn near the bins.”

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Marlow’s litter issues have been a problem since the end of lockdown as rubbish has been seen all over the town, most noticeably in Higginson Park and on the High Street.

This led to Jocelyn Towns, who is the leader of the town council, releasing a statement, encouraging those who live in Marlow to not litter.

Speaking back in June, she said: “We at the town council have been really concerned by the huge amounts of litter being left in and around the town during lockdown.

“It seems that people enjoying takeaway food and drink or going out for picnics are not taking responsibility for their litter.

“We urge everyone to take their litter home with them and dispose of it there.

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“Bins around town are filling up really quickly and some people are dumping household waste, which has exacerbated the situation.

“Our waste providers are out regularly trying to keep up, but the street bins are not for household waste.

“If you are generating more household waste than you can store safely please take it to your local recycling centres.”