Marlow’s advisory one-way pedestrian system on the High Street has now changed.

The new measure was introduced by Marlow Town Council at the end of May to help residents abide the new two-metre social distance rule, which has been implemented by the Government to try and reduce the number of coronavirus cases in the country.

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The new changes are in response to an increase in residents and visitors using the town centre, coupled with a rise in applications for pavement licenses from restaurants and cafes.

The new changes came into play today [Wednesday, August 5]. 

Mayor of Marlow, Richard Scott said: “Marlow is a friendly and welcoming town and is open for business.

“We want to help our retailers to trade, which means encouraging more people onto our streets.

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“With the increase in people visiting the town and new outdoor seating for cafes and restaurants in the pipeline, we’ve made some changes to the pedestrian one-way system to add more flexibility.

Bucks Free Press:

The stickers in Marlow (photo by Tayla Louise Smith)

“We continue to ask our residents and tourists to respect a two-metre distance where possible and to share pavement space considerately with others.

“Please remember the importance of social distancing to keep everyone safe and be courteous and patient with others - especially on Marlow’s narrow Victorian pavements. Please help us all to keep safe.”

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The new changes are as follows:

The majority of the High Street will now be two-way for pedestrians with reminders for people to keep left to enable a ‘smooth two-way flow’ and to be courteous at pinch points (narrow sections of pavement), at the corner of the High Street, West Street, Pound Lane and at the bottom corner of the High Street.

Spittal Street, as well as Marlow Bridge, with its narrow pavements, will retain its one-way flow.

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The council has also been working closely with the reopening team at Buckinghamshire Council to monitor and review social distancing interventions.

Additionally, new pavement stickers will be displayed on the High Street and West Street.