The Seer Green community has rallied behind a pub after the official account shared a harsh review that had been left onilne.

A member of staff from The Jolly Cricketers shared the review on the pubs Twitter account, accompanied by a message expressing his sadness that a neighbour of the pub had left it.

They also labelled it the most upsetting review they'd received in 13 years.

You can see the full review and response here.


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Customers who disagreed with the original review took to Twitter to send their support to the pub, praising the team and sharing positive experiences from previous visits.

Rob Quick said: "Forget the ramblings of one person. The Criks is undoubtedly the best pub around.

"Seer Greeners are the envy of many people in South Bucks because we have the Criks. Keep doing what you’re doing Chris & Amanda.

"We love our pub!"

Paul Silton said: "The complete opposite of our experience, by far our favourite place in the area and look forward to seeing you on Friday."

Sasha Budzynski added: "All your staff are great and have been amazing every time we stop by. Specific shout out to Adam, Giles couldn't be more wrong, he's fab!"

Visit Chiltern Biz added their support, writing: "You work so hard under difficult conditions, we’re sorry you’re been on the receiving end of this.

"Thankfully most people are reasonable and empathise with businesses."