The people of Marlow have praised the man who stopped a lorry from going over the town’s bridge.

Philip Rhymer noticed a 12-wheeler approaching the bridge coming from the Bisham side and decided to stop his car at the bridge exit, preventing the lorry from going over.

His brave actions caused several tailbacks, but Marlovians agreed that the was the right thing to do.

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On Facebook, Rebecca Ahmed said: “Definitely did the right thing!”

“Good for you!

“Shame on all the negative drivers behind you!

“Well done!”

Keith Carter said: “Of course he was right it's our heritage and should be protected.”

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Darren Hayday said: "You did the right thing!

"The last thing which Marlow shops would need right now is another closure of the bridge.

"I'm sure that people in the lane of traffic behind you were angry, but it was not your fault, it was that of the lorry drivers."

The bridge was closed for a significant amount of time in 2016 when a 37-tonne lorry tried to make its way into Marlow by using the bridge.