Three males were reprimanded after being caught by police spraying graffiti in a Beaconsfield underpass - but some people think they actually improved it.

A member of the public reported three people spraying graffiti on the walls of the underpass near Pyebush roundabout to police on August 6,

And when police arrived, the artists were apparently caught in the act - with officers saying they admitted to criminal damage and have been "dealt with".

But many people actually agreed the dank underpass looked better with the colourful spray-painted designs on it and questioned why police decided to take action.

Rob Smith said on Twitter: "Where is the harm? It's an underpass, not Buckingham Palace. Looks to me like they improved it. Certainly more colourful."

Stuart Lawson agreed, saying: "Came in to say the same as many other. Rather than charging them, maybe encourage them to come up with a design for the whole underpass? Got to be better than grey concrete."

Wendy Moore said: "Where can we donate more paint so they can complete it?"

Another added: "It brightened it up. What's the harm?"