Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships. Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant shares his weekly horoscope forecast from Saturday, August 8:

Impulsive behaviour could get you into trouble. You might put your foot in your mouth. Save yourself having to make an apology and think before you speak. Relationships are more likely to thrive if you curb your impetuous behaviour. Accept there are issues you will never agree on and agree to differ. Events later in the week will bring back memories of a situation you never came to terms with. A sensitive friend will help you face this, deal with it and put it behind you. 

A neighbour is pointing fingers. You can’t be blamed for something you didn’t do and you will find it easy to prove your innocence. This person should look at themselves before throwing accusations at others. You’re ready to exercise initiative in the workplace. This will impress a senior colleague who has been urging you to be more assertive. You’re ready to accept a job offer that was recently put to you, if it still stands.

You keep analysing a situation you cannot change and this is leaving you mentally exhausted. You may not be able to switch off your thoughts but you might veer them in a different direction. A peaceful mind is needed for inner harmony. You could do with having some fun but your options for having a good time are limited. Building furniture, baking bread and doing woodwork are activities worth exploring. Surprise your family by concocting a five course meal.

You’re putting a lot of effort into your friendships, family relationships and other commitments. Keeping some relationships harmonious has been a challenge but you are starting to see a difference. You feel closer to some people than ever before. You are able to help others keep their problems in perspective. No issue will be too hard to resolve because you’re willing to accept the help and advice of experts. Patience and perseverance get results.

A partner who has always been loving and attentive is keeping their distance. This has nothing to do with health issues. You’ve noticed the lack of hand holding, hugging and eye contact. Reading too much into someone’s behaviour could cause further problems. It will soon pass. You will find pleasure in passing your skills onto others. Some will be willing to pay good money for your expertise. If you’ve ever wanted to write a “How To” book, this would be a good time to start.

You’re nervous about taking on a big challenge. This is something you have never done before and it will mean adapting to new situations. It’s surprising what you can get used to and once everything is under way, you will soon establish new routines. You could strike a powerful rapport with someone you have to engage with in a formal or official setting. A talented friend or colleague’s appreciative comments will do a lot to boost your confidence.

A relationship has passed its sell-by date. You can’t see any point in dragging it on any further. You no longer enjoy a partner’s company and this partnership is keeping you from pursuing your own aims. It might be better to go your separate ways. Someone at home will tie you to a recently made promise over a small matter of redecoration or another domestic project. This will be more complicated than it sounds and you could take on more than you bargained for.

Your priorities are changing and with this comes a need to establish new routines. One at a time others around you will offer their assistance. With their support you can bring about positive change. Useful contacts will be made through online group and social activities. Trust your instincts about romance and friendships. It will be fun to experiment with new ideas with a team of talented people. This will also be a valuable learning experience.

You’re determined to complete a task you started some months ago. Leaving it half-finished is not an option. You will find a way to get this job done even if it means having to seek the advice of an old friend who has been through it all before. A close friend or partner is envious of your success and popularity. Don’t do anything stupid like pulling out of group commitments to please a jealous lover.

A friend needs you more than they are saying. They don’t want to admit feeling so needy. Look beyond their words and consider their situation. If you sense someone needs a shoulder to lean on, be the first to offer yours. Money matters and anything affecting your work situation comes under favourable influences. A change in roles as some colleagues take over responsibilities normally carried out by more experienced ones will work out well in the long run.

You are considering the need, necessity or likely benefit of possible changes in your career. There are a number of options to choose from and you will need to discuss this further with people who can offer practical advice. Be sure your health does not suffer from neglect. Regular meals, fresh air and exercise are a must as it is all too easy to forget this when your mind is elsewhere. Your intention should be to live a life that supports good health.

A friend wants to share all the details of their most intimate relationship with you. You prefer not to know but they cannot take a hint. One secret in particular that they insist on telling you could weigh heavily on your conscience. It will be hard not to let this change your opinion about this friendship. A long-term partnership matter will be finally agreed on. You are making a daring decision but if there is a risk involved, you will agree to accept this together.