THE legendary BBC broadcaster Richard Dimbleby CBE lived on Boulters Island, Maidenhead: a blue plaque can be seen on the bridge by the lock.

He and his family liked shopping in Marlow and were often seen in the town.

The top picture from the 1950s shows Richard arriving in Marlow Lock at the wheel of his launch “Heron”. There also exists a picture of “Heron” at the Compleat Angler.

Below, he is in the long established Battings Ironmongers in West Street (now Sainsbury’s) chatting to Reg Batting. Son David is holding some sort of can: possibly they purchased paraffin there as well as whatever Reg is demonstrating.

The Nation was shocked when Richard succumbed to cancer in 1965 aged only 52. Both sons David and Jonathan have carried on the broadcasting tradition, with David, now 81, pictured left, retiring a couple of years ago after several decades chairing Question Time.

He was skilled at the job, although I was always slightly irritated by the way he referred to female members of his audience as women rather than ladies: “The woman at the back in the blue spotted frock”. Perhaps you don’t agree!

The book, cover top left, with a brief extract from the introduction, was published in 1966, edited by Leonard Miall, and there was also an LP record “The Voice Of Richard Dimbleby”.

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