One of the Duke’s limited-edition wine coolers was stolen just days after the venue’s reopening.

The restaurant on Queens Road in Marlow reopened its doors on July 29, after seven weeks of renovation works between March and May.

But on Sunday, August 9, a spokesperson from the restaurant revealed that the item had been taken.

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This is one of many thefts that have taken place in south Bucks this year.

On Amazon, the wine coolers are being sold at £30 each.

A post from the Duke’s official Facebook account said: “One of our three limited-edition Jean Patriqué wine coolers appears to have walked off on its own, fancy that.

Bucks Free Press:

The Duke in Marlow

“As I imported them from France, they [are] fairly easy to spot, so if the legs it grew could walk back to its proper home, that would be great…”

The post was shared across the social media website, with one user saying: “Well that’s just rude!

“If this accidentally fell into your possession, please return it to the Duke.

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“They have only recently opened under new management and this isn’t a nice way to welcome them."

The pub has been transformed into a modern restaurant, bar, and music venue.

Yet despite all the changes, the Duke confirmed that their much-loved Chinese menu will remain, with Marlow chef Ling Poon leading the kitchen.

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