Marlow Rugby Club has confirmed that they have received a grant which will help them during the pandemic.

The Riverwoods-based club revealed the grant will go towards their NatWest RugbyForce weekend, which is due to take place in September.

The event was due to happen in June, but this was postponed due to the ongoing pandemic.

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They received the grant on August 5.

In an open letter, Rob Olney, the club’s operations director, said: “NatWest Rugby Force is proud to continue supporting grassroots rugby clubs up and down the country to become more sustainable for the future and continue to attract new members.

“This year, NatWest will be offering more help to the rugby community, following the impact of the pandemic over the past few months as we start to get rugby back on its feet and help you to prepare your club for the restart of rugby.

“Our bid was centred around clearing and tidying up the perimeter around the pond, close to the clubhouse.

“Our intention is to clear the undergrowth and overhang on the outside of the perimeter fence.

“We will use the grant to hire two tree surgeons to clear the larger branches and to chip/shred everything that we clear so that it can be easily remove on the same day.”

Mr Onley then confirmed that the club is in need of volunteers to help out at the event, which will take place on Saturday, September 5.

He continued: “We will need a band of volunteers to support both professionals to clear all the undergrowth as well as tackle a few other jobs we have identified around the Club and grounds.”

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It will start at 10am and will finish at 4pm.

At 4pm, the bar will open and there will be a complimentary BBQ for all that have come to help out.

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