Those who work at Harleyford Estate Limited in Marlow have revealed that two people were seen jumping off Temple Bridge.

The bridge, which connects Berkshire and Bucks, is approximately a 30-minute drive away from the company.

Reports of people jumping off the bridge and into the River Thames were first heard over the weekend (Saturday, August 8, and Sunday, August 9).

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In a brief Facebook post, they said: “I can confirm that two people have been charged with jumping off Temple Bridge, and have been fined £100 each, today [August 9].

“Please will you pass this message on.

“Thank you.”

Due to the hot weather, many people in south Bucks have gone into rivers and lakes to cool off, despite warnings from officials stating that the activity isn't safe unless you're in a large group of people.

Going into rivers and lakes with a strong current could be fatal, with Bucks Fire and Rescue issuing a statement on water safety on August 6.

Bucks Free Press:

Their Facebook post

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They said: “In periods of warm weather, Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service encourages people to take particular care if they are spending time near open water.

“As lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, the areas around our lakes, rivers, and quarries are becoming busier and people may not recognise the risks posed by cold water or hazards in the water.

“Even when it feels warm, water, particularly when it is deep, will still be cold enough to cause cold water shock, which can incapacitate even the most capable swimmers who are not accustomed and acclimatised to open water conditions.

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“Safety should always be the main consideration.

“Swimming in open water is discouraged unless it is with an organised group.”

To find out more regarding water safety, visit the Kyrece’s Legacy website (