BBC News have been filming in High Wycombe this morning - interviewing one local business owner.

Business presenter Ben Thompson reported live on BBC news in High Wycombe earlier this morning, discussing the recession caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The economy suffered its biggest fall on record in the three-month period between April and June as the country was forced into lockdown.


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The UK economy shrunk by 20.4 per cent compared with the three-month period at the start of the year.

Ben Thompson said on the report at 10.04 this morning: “Today is just confirmation of what has already happened - this tells us what the economy has been doing over the last quarter.

“The economy is still 17 per cent smaller than in February before all this began.”

He then went on to interview Jim, owner of Wycombe Engineering, about how the pandemic has impacted his business.

Jim expressed a positive outlook for the coming months for his business.

“For us it was an interesting time. The hardest thing was whether the furlough or not to furlough, we are a small team. It is had its difficulties but it’s coming through to the positive side.

“We have got orders. We try and pivot the business to make sure the business has got a future going forward. We’ve worked a lot with a college in London, looking at face mask manufacture in the UK, it’s all about education and getting people back to work.”