Helen & Douglas House in Marlow has confirmed that they will reopen their doors.

The shop has been shut since March due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but in a Facebook post, they revealed that they will be opening their doors to the public on Thursday, August 13.

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Helen & Douglas House is a round-the-clock care home that look after terminally ill children.

A spokesperson from the Marlow branch said: “Please can you phone before bringing donations into the shop just in case we are full and cannot take anymore.

“If you’re a gift aider, please attach surname and gift aid number to donation bag please

“Please do not leave donations outside the shop if we are closed as they will either get stolen and most importantly, we need to monitor the 48-hour quarantine process beforehand.

“Thank you for your continued support during these strange times.

“We look forward to seeing you.”

The shop’s new schedule is as follows:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed (donations only)

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Thursday: Open 10am-4pm (donations)

Friday: Open 10am-4pm (donations)

Saturday: Open 10am-4pm (donations)

Sunday: Open 10am-4pm (donations)

They also confirmed that only five customers are allowed in the store at one time and face masks must be worn at all times.

They have also pleaded with the public to not leave any donations outside the shop if they are closed.

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This has been a common theme across the country since the beginning of lockdown back in March.

In some cases, some donations are stolen, whilst others have been damaged due to heavy rain.

For more information, call 01628 484183.