A Marlow resident has criticised Thames Valley Police amid claims he had to start his own investigation following the theft of his bike.

Daniel Clinch had his bike stolen at the end of June on the High Street, but it wasn’t until the end of July that an investigation into the theft took place.

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This is because Daniel was instructed to find evidence to show to the police before TVP could take it further.

After he submitted an online report of the theft, Daniel said: “I was informed, ‘because there are no clear lines of enquiry, your crime will be filed however please be assured that it will be held on our records and if more information comes to light we will contact you’.

“This is despite the fact the theft occurred in front of a council operated CCTV camera.

“The fact that a CCTV camera is present does not equate to a line of enquiry as it may not be in use.

“It is up to the victim of the crime to confirm whether there is CCTV or other active lines of enquiry.”

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Daniel has since confirmed that he has managed to get hold of the CCTV footage of his bike being taken on Marlow High Street.

This was submitted to Thames Valley Police who have since confirmed an investigation is currently underway.

Daniel continued: “I believe this is down to a decade of austerity.

“It’s a decade of Conservative government.

“Theresa May was warned by the police unions, but austerity would lead to front line policing.

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“I don’t believe that there are police officers sitting around choosing not to investigating it – I believe this is a hierarchy of priority.

“And I am hoping the person who is filmed taking it is known to the police, but I’m not banking on getting my bike back.”

The investigation continues.