A model church that has been created out of matches has recently been given to a Marlow resident.

Robin Cooper, who lives near the River Thames, was given the artefact after Marlow Museum turned it down.

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It is alleged that the church was created by a prisoner in the Colditz Camp during World War II.

Colditz Castle, which is based in the small town of Colditz in Germany, was a POW camp.

And despite it being in between 75 to 81 years-old, the antique is in great condition.

Marlow resident Michael Eagleton said: “The Imperial War Museum in London would undoubtedly jump at the chance of owning it, to go alongside their other Colditz prisoner memorabilia, but Robin would prefer to find a home for it more locally, if only for a temporary period.

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“Suggestions welcomed.”

It is believed that Marlow Museum declined the offer to take the artefact in due to a lack of space.