Three pensioners were out on their "hands and knees" trying desperately to clear drains to stop their homes flooding amid a deluge of rain on Thursday night.

Cynthia Taylor told the Bucks Free Press she has been reporting blocked drains to Bucks County Council - and now Buckinghamshire Council - on The Green, Wooburn Green, for two years to no avail.

And the problem came to a head on August 13 when thunderstorms brought heavy downpours that caused flash flooding across the county.

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The Green was badly affected - and Mrs Taylor said her and her elderly neighbours were forced to take matters into their own hands as rain water was just two metres from their front doors.

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She said the problem was first raised two years ago and has been reported "several times since" - including four times since November.

As they desperately tried to clear debris from drains so the rain water could clear, they were forced to call the council's emergency number and then Bucks Fire and Rescue.

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She added: "They did eventually bring us some sandbags as the water was just two metres from our doors, we also called the fire brigade who eventually sent out a fire officer who said they couldn’t help as they can’t clear blocked drains.

"It is not acceptable for three pensioners to be out in a storm from 10.45pm until 1.45am clearing drains, of which we are sure the majority of people would agree with us."

Bucks Fire and Rescue were called to The Green at 12.37am, with High Wycombe fire crew attending.

A Transport for Buckinghamshire spokesman said: "During the exceptional conditions in the storm last night (Thursday) our crews reacted to all reports of potential flooding as quickly as possible.

"Transport for Buckinghamshire crews attended the location last night and again today to protect residents from flooding during this unusual period of extreme rainfall."