The people of Marlow have shown their happiness after a fundraiser in memory of Kyrece Francis exceeds its original target.

At the end of July, the three admins of the Marlow Life Facebook page, along with those who run the Kyrece’s legacy charity, set up a Go Fund Me page, with their aim being to raise £500 in 22 days, as 22 was a poignant number in Kyrece’s life.

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Instead, £3,687 was raised in that time, with the money going towards the Kyrece’s Legacy charity.

After the news broke out on the evening of Thursday, August 13, many Marlow residents took to social media to share their joy.

One Marlovian said: “That is fabulous and such a great initiative in his memory.

“Glad to have been part of it as a Marlow resident walking or running down by the river most days.

“My thanks and congratulations to all concerned.”

Another added: “Phenomenal!

“The very epitome of community spirit.

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“Well done to all who contributed.”

This resident said: “Kyrece will never be forgotten.

“Love and hugs to his friends and family.

“I remember seeing all the school ties on the fence left by his friends.

“So sad, but this post is amazing.”

This person said: “I am so delighted this is such an important charity.”

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Kyrece Francis died on July 22, 2014 after drowning in the Marlow stretch of the Thames.

He passed away 22 days before his 14th birthday, and his squad number at his local football club was 22.

If you would like to donate to the charity, visit