Marlow Fire Station has reminded local residents and beyond to not leave clothing donations outside of their charity bin.

The big, yellow clothing bin allows people to give away unwanted pieces of clothing which will go to injured firemen and firewomen who have suffered physical or mental injuries whilst working out on the field.

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The clothing bank was closed for a period of time during lockdown, but was reopened in June.

In a brief statement that was published on Facebook, a spokesperson from the Fire Fighters Charity, in which all the clothes will go to, said: “Please do not leave any bags of clothing outside this clothing bank.

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“If the clothing bank is full and you cannot push the clothing into the bank, please take it home and try a few days later when the bank will be emptied.

“Any bags left outside which we get are treated as waste and end up being take to a landfill site.

“Thank you for your support and cooperation.”

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In a separate statement, they said: “We have been inundated with such an amazing amount of clothing donations in recent months, please, please keep donating but please read the statement from The Fire Fighters Charity.”

People from as far out as Aylesbury have been leaving donations at the clothing bank since it reopened.