The chairwoman of the Beaconsfield Society has said 'we could face a big problem’ as HS2 works are to take place in the town.

Alison Wheelhouse expressed her concerns as there could be as many as 400 HGVs travelling between Beaconsfield Old Town near Park Lane and the A40 junction.

During rush hour, this is a notorious spot to get stuck in, and with several lorries on the road during that time, she believes this will cause many problems in and outside of Beaconsfield.

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A relief road is currently being built which will be used by the lorries, but an exact date has not yet been confirmed for its completion despite some rumours suggesting that it could be finished in 2024.

She told the Bucks Free Press: “We are told that at peak construction times, there could be over 400 HS2 HGVs travelling this route daily.

“We are hoping to see the relief road being completed because once it is, the HGVs would then follow the route of the new road rather than coming down into the Old Town conservation area, where we have really serious traffic congestions currently, which the HGVs would make worse.

“In the short term, we face a big problem.

“What I hope will happen is that the Beaconsfield Society will work with our MP Joy Morrissey, Buckinghamshire Council and Beaconsfield Town councillors to bring about a swift resolution.

"I would also persuade Inland Homes to complete the relief road now or to bring in possible enforcement action or even a revocation of their planning consent, so we could reach a resolution which will see the construction lorries not go through the conservation area.

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“We are angry with these turn of events because of the potential damage, the pollution, the congestion which we already suffer on a daily basis as well as the danger to pedestrians and cyclists.”

She also revealed that the Beaconsfield Society submitted an FOI request (Freedom of Information) to the council on July 7 to find out why the completion of the road has been delayed, but they have yet to receive a response.