AN OVERGROWN highway neglected by the council ‘poses a danger to road users and the local community’, according to a concerned resident.

Sheila Wells of Nash Lee Lane, in Wendover, Aylesbury, criticised Buckinghamshire Council and Wendover Parish Council for “taking our money” and applying “minimum effort” in maintaining the overrun roads and paths in her community, which she says is forcing people to take their lives in their own hands.

Ms Wells also claimed the overgrown vegetation obscures important street signage and encourages fly-tipping.

She said she has been ignored by the parish council, while Buckinghamshire Council “push” the matter around.

She also criticised a twice-yearly road sweeper which “adds insult to injury”.

Community members have taken to maintaining parts of the highway where the council is failing, she also claimed.

Bucks Free Press:

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“Twice a year we have the privilege of the council road sweeper – but what’s the point? All they do is tickle the grass and weeds rooted into the road,” said Ms Wells.

“There is a shovel fixed on the back of the road sweeper which would be more useful and that is what we do as residents to remove the weeds.

“I have complained to Buckinghamshire Council about the general upkeep and safety of Nash Lee Lane with its over-grown trees, hedges and weeds encroaching on public footpaths and street signs not being visible – not forgetting commercial waste being dumped in hidden areas.

“I have also tried to speak to Wendover Parish Council, but they don’t respond.

“I told them you cannot see the street signs telling you the speed limit and there’s nowhere to jump out of the way because it’s so overgrown.

“Bucks Council said they deal with certain parts, while the parish council deal with others and that some parts belong to neighbouring land – they just push it around.

“Either way, they must come in to maintain our roads and to send a road sweeper along two times a year is to add insult to injury.

“We still have to live here, it’s our community. There are children, dogwalkers, and cyclists, and this makes it very dangerous for people. You take your life in your own hands.”

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Ms Wells told the Free Press a road sweeper visits Nash Lee Lane “twice a year” but landowners and community members “do bits” to maintain the overrun highway.

She said she fears there is a “liability issue” in doing this, though.

“I want someone to come down and cut and maintain the highway and to put some bollards up to stop people dumping. A sign saying dumping is illegal is now gone, you cannot see it,” she said.

“Buckinghamshire Council and Wendover Parish Council need to pull their finger out and stop taking our money for minimum effort – shame on them.”

Buckinghamshire Council was approached for comment, after which it contacted Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB). 

Wendover Parish Council has been approached for comment.