This is what a HS2 vent shaft in the middle of a busy junction will look like.

The Amersham vent shaft headhouse is one of five structures that will be built in the area to provide ventilation and emergency access to HS2's 10-mile long Chiltern tunnel.

It is set in the middle of the oval-shaped junction where the A404 Whielden Lane and the A413 meet.

HS2 said the design of the circular single-storey building is inspired by the "natural tones of the surrounding landscape".

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Weathered steel on the structure will fade naturally over time to a dark brown colour, and HS2 said a crown of aluminium fins on top of it will help disguise it.

Once it is built, new trees will be planted and areas will be set aside for chalk grassland.

The new planting will focus on native species typically found across the Chilterns, such as wild cherry, buckthorn and crab apple.

Bucks Free Press:

Below ground level, a 18 metre deep ventilation shaft will reach down to the twin tunnels below, with fans and other equipment designed to regulate air quality and temperature, remove smoke in the event of a fire and provide access for the emergency services.

The plans have been drawn up by HS2's main works contractor Align JV along with landscape designers and architects.

They worked with the Chilterns AONB Review Group and Buckinghamshire Council to come up with the designs and an online virtual engagement site has been launched to hear from residents.

Bucks Free Press:

Chesham and Amersham MP Dame Cheryl Gillan, who has long campaigned against HS2, has urged everyone who lives in the area to get involved and share their views.

She said: "If HS2 is going ahead it is important that local people have a say in the legacy however unwelcome the project continues to be.

"We need to ensure that even in the wake of Covid-19 and restrictions in public spaces that community engagement remains a high priority for HS2 Ltd, especially on a key design element like the Amersham vent shaft locally."

Bucks Free Press:

A series of online webinars will be held on September 8, 10 and 17, so residents can ask questions about the design and learn more.

You can register for one of the webinars on Eventbrite by searching for 'HS2 Amersham vent shaft design engagement'.

Daniel Altier, Align project director said: “We are excited to be revealing our early designs for the Amersham vent shaft headhouse.

Bucks Free Press:

"Our designers have worked closely with stakeholders to design something that reduces local construction impacts as far as practicable during the build.

"We now look forward to giving the local community their opportunity to provide their thoughts on the design.”

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There will be five ventilation shafts and one "intervention shaft" built in the area, despite upset from residents about the plans.

The intervention shaft will be built at Chesham Road, while the other ventilation shafts will be at Chalfont St Peter, Chalfont St Giles and Little Missenden.

Only the designs for the Chalfont St Peter shaft have been revealed before now.

To take part in the month-long virtual engagement session, go to