A PLANNING application amendment that would see parking spaces moved within an already working development has been approved – but not without resistance from a Buckinghamshire Councillor.

A development at 75 Lye Green Road, Chesham seeking to relocate and reduce the number of carports on site had its application carried during the East Buckinghamshire Area Planning Committee, on Tuesday, August 25 – but not without opposition from councillor Emily Culverhouse.

The applicant, VISAO Ltd, sought conditional permission to alter a previous planning application to build two detached properties on site, together with a five-bay carport.

They now wish to construct three carports and relocate them from the south western end of the site to the north western end, along the plot boundary.

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Three on-site parking spaces will likewise be relocated but to both the north western and eastern end of the plot.

There are six parking spaces in total; three within the carport, three without. Both elements will be closer to the two properties they will serve. A turning head is also proposed southeast.

Bucks Free Press:

Cllr Culverhouse called in the application and spoke against its “long and troubled history” as a “constant source of vexation” for residents.

She cited a “complete lack of adherence” to existing planning conditions and “disregard” to the surrounding area by the developer.

She described the site as “already inappropriately cramped”.

Cllr Culverhouse also said she did not believe the applicant would retain an “area for public enjoyment”. Adding: “It will only be a matter of time before another application is received for an additional house in this location.”

However, the council’s legal adviser urged members to consider the application at hand and not to speculate on future plans.

Cllr Culverhouse also said “numerous” residents had complained about tree damage due to ongoing works.

She urged committee members to reject the application, but if approved requested a pre-commencement condition preventing further works until a tree protection plan is agreed, which the council’s legal adviser said was a separate issue.

Another registered speaker against the proposal urged committee members to reject it and was supported by Cllr Julie Burton.

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The applicant rejected claims the carports would serve more than two dwellings. However, a separate carport serving other dwellings on site is currently being built.

Bucks Free Press:

They said hedges on Lye Green Road affecting visibility were trimmed with permission from the highway authority. They added trees to be retained in previous approvals had been retained.

Design amendments are they said “in line” with planning officers’ comments.

And proposed parking arrangements are the same distance to neighbours as in previous schemes.

They added their request for an alteration to the proposal was “principally market-driven”. Adding: “It was felt the parking was too far from the two houses and it would be better if it was located closer and that’s what this achieves.”

Cllr Peter Jones brought the committee back to its role of ensuring there are enough parking spaces on site for the properties. Adding: “I’m struggling for a decent reason to refuse it.”

Chesham Town Council has expressed concern over the “possible intensification of the site, having noted the carports are currently there to stop development”.

Some 12 objection letters have also been submitted, largely against the already approved scheme.

The application was carried by majority at close of business.

Headline and second image courtesy of Google Maps.