Marlow’s litter problems are continuing as a sofa was spotted in a wooded area of the town.

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, a resident noticed the living room accessory in the middle of Marlow Common went out on a walk.

In a Facebook post, the man said: “FOUND.

“If you dropped a brown sofa whilst out on a walk in Marlow Common today [Saturday, August 290, please pm [private message] me and I can provide details of the exact location.

“I am sure someone is absolutely distraught at losing such a lovely piece of furniture.

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“It has been reported.”

The news of a sofa being dumped in one of the town’s beauty spots saw many Marlovians express their anger and bemusement.

One user said: “Expect it was in their back pocket and fell out.

“Easily done.”

Another said: “It does make me mad!

“Dump this in your own back garden!”

This user added: “How awful!

“To take it all the way to a wood?

“Wouldn’t it be easier to drop it at the recycling tip?”

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This is the not the first time that unwanted items have been seen across Marlow and the surrounding areas.

After lockdown restrictions were lifted in June, the High Street was covered in litter which resulted in a commemorative bench of a former Marlow councillor, being scattered in waste.

An increase of rubbish was also seen in Higginson Park as well as areas near Riverwoods.

It was confirmed that the sofa had been reported to the authorities.