The head teacher of a Marlow secondary school has issued a statement after several of their students allegedly returned home from abroad with coronavirus.

Around 60 teenagers reportedly visited the Greek island of Zante in August, with nearly half of them testing positive for Covid-19 when returning back to the UK.

The students in question are in the school’s Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) and are aged between 16 to 18-years-old.

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In the statement, head teacher Kay Mountfield revealed that the school reopened on Thursday, September 3, with staggered start dates for different year groups.

She said: “There have been confirmed cases among a group of students from school, but they and their families proactively engaged with the school and PHE to enable us to identify the cases and take appropriate action before anyone has come on to the school site.

“The school is therefore clean and ready to welcome students back this week and the students affected are in self isolation.

“All the Marlow schools were informed and aware.

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“On Friday [August 28], we did not have sufficient information from PHE or Test and Trace due to this not being term time to assess the wider picture, and we have to put the safety of our children, staff and families first.

“We are looking forward to having everyone back at school safely.”

Rachel Prance at Buckinghamshire Council added: “On Friday [August 28], we initially felt that the most cautious thing to do would be to delay school opening for all year groups.

“However, as more information has come in and contact tracing has proceeded successfully we have revised our plans with the agreement of Public Health England and Buckinghamshire Council.

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“All the Marlow schools were informed and aware as we all work positively together to support one another.”

It also confirmed that TUI has halted flights to Zante after virus clusters have appeared on the island in the last few weeks.

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