A FAMOUS film and television studio with designs to upgrade a public highway leading towards its property has had its application approved and endorsed.

Pinewood Studios received conditional permission to carry out works on Seven Hills Road, in Iver Heath, as part of an ongoing site expansion – and the development also garnered strong local support.

The matter was discussed during a Strategic Sites committee meeting, on Thursday, September 3.

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As part of an ongoing property expansion, Pinewood proposed the “widening and realignment” of Seven Hills Road as an alternative development to signals at Five Points Roundabout (FPR), in Iver, currently stipulated under its 2013 planning application.

The revision is generally supported by the Iver Heath Residents’ Association, the Ivers Parish Council and Fulmer Parish Council – however concerns were raised about the degree of detail and impact locally.

Nearly 20 objections were also counted, many from the same address.

The intention is to introduce an “alternative desirable route” between Pinewood Studios and roads north of Iver Heath, while reducing traffic on the FPR, the A412 Church Road and Pinewood Green, according to council documents.

Bucks Free Press:

Seven Hills Road (approx 2 km) connects Denham Road in the east and Pinewood Road in the west. It also interacts with the M25.

Ward Cllr Luisa Sullivan endorsed the Seven Hills Road proposal, urging committee approval. She added expansion of the FPR would not be the “most beneficial network development”.

A spokesperson for the Ivers Parish Council also backed the application but was “disappointed” a horse and cycle crossing of the A412 Church Road to encourage more leisure travel was not in the plan.

They also recommended a condition for a long-term landscape and ecological management plan (LEMP) for newly planted trees and management, which was supported by Cllr Carole Paternoster.

A resident for Seven Hills Road and speaker noted a possible “increase” in HGVs past their house and the point was taken up by Cllr Richard Newcombe.

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What is proposed?

  • A signalled T junction where Seven Hills Road meets the A412 Denham Road/Southlands Road
  • A roundabout at Pinewood Road/Fulmer Common Road
  • Realignment and a new carriageway on the western end of Seven Hills Road “between Pinewood Road and the secondary access”
  • To “stop up” the existing single-track section of Seven Hills Road, removing public highway rights
  • A secondary entry at the emergency access to Pinewood East
  • A widening of the eastern length of Seven Hills Road “between the secondary access and Denham Lane”
  • A permissive 3-metre-wide path to the southern side of the realigned Seven Hills Road

Bucks Free Press:

The application site is within the Metropolitan Green Belt and Colne Valley Park.

By close of business, members voted in unanimous support of the scheme and noted the Ivers Parish Council’s LEMP condition.