RESIGNATION calls have sounded for a town mayor who broke the rules of his own office by appearing in a professional capacity in a neighbouring authority without permission.

Two former High Wycombe mayors have called for Councillor Mazamal “Maz” Hussain to stand down from office after a film showed him in his mayoral chains handing out awards at a cricket tournament, in Maidenhead, on Bank Holiday Monday.

Cllr Hussain, the current mayor of High Wycombe, was supposed to be on leave for two weeks and no such event was noted in the mayor’s listing – an official diary.

Bucks Free Press: Bucks Free Press:

He appears in a suit and chains at a private “Bank Holiday Knockout Tournament”, at Boyne Hill Cricket Club, in Maidenhead – the footage of which was broadcast on Dunya News UK.

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Joe Bradshaw, the Wycombe town clerk, had no knowledge of the breach of protocol, adding the news came as a “complete surprise”.

This latest blunder follows an incident in the West Midlands when Cllr Hussain was photographed breaking social distancing rules, on July 12.

Former Wycombe town mayors, Trevor Snaith and Nigel Vickery, suggested Cllr Hussain’s resignation.

While Brian Pearce, another former mayor, recommended Cllr Hussain be “severely reprimanded”.

Six cricket teams from Wycombe are believed to have been in attendance at Boyne Hill Cricket Club.

Bucks Free Press:

It is also understood the event was sponsored by Accident Injury Helpline, in Arnison Avenue, High Wycombe.

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Cllr Hussain informed the town clerk he was taking two weeks off with his family, on August 21. He was not due back until September 7.

“Given there were no plans for the mayor to attend any events for the weeks’ commencing Monday, August 24, and Monday, August 31, I did not circulate his weekly calendar,” said Mr Bradshaw.

“It therefore came as a complete surprise when the Bucks Free Press shared a video of the mayor attending a cricket event in Maidenhead over the Bank Holiday weekend.”

Bucks Free Press:

Cllr Hussain confirmed his attendance having received a “last minute request from the organiser sent to him personally rather than to the mayor’s office,” said Mr Bradshaw.

Despite being on leave, Cllr Hussain arrived wearing his mayoral chains in a neighbouring authority, without permission.

“I agree under normal circumstances it would have been normal protocol for the mayor’s secretary to seek the approval of the mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead for permission to wear his chain of office in their council area at an event in his official capacity,” said Mr Bradshaw.

Former Wycombe mayor, Brian Pearce, said: “You never go into another administrated area wearing the mayoral chains without permission from the local town or parish clerk and the chairman of the authority concerned.

“Also, you only ever go anywhere with the chains while the secretary and the town clerk know of your destination.

“Not only do you have to get permission when leaving the district, but also when you leave the town of High Wycombe within Wycombe District.

“Cllr Hussain should be severely reprimanded, and he should apologise to all the Charter Trustees, the town clerk, the mayor’s secretary and the mayor of Maidenhead.”

Former town mayor, Trevor Snaith, added: “The mayor appears to have broken mayoral procedures that are in place.

“He also appears – in light of Covid-19 – not to have followed a risk assessment.

“It’s not really the way a mayor should be behaving. He should be publicly apologising or resigning.”

Bucks Free Press:

Former mayor, Nigel Vickery, said: “He’s broken the procedures he agreed to. If everyone did that we’d be in chaos.

“I think he should resign and stand down from his position and let the deputy mayor take over for the remainder of the mayoral calendar.”

When approached for comment, Cllr Hussain, said: “Yes, I attended a cricket tournament in Maidenhead. I was invited by the organisers and even though it was last minute and I was on personal leave, I took time out to attend.

“As far as not notifying the mayor of Maidenhead, I was unable to do so being a Bank Holiday and last minute. However, the mayor of Maidenhead has been informed and all is well.”

Cllr Hussain apologised privately to the mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead who accepted but requested a written statement, according to Mr Bradshaw.

He also apologised privately to Mr Bradshaw.