Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships.

Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant shares his weekly horoscope forecast from Saturday, September 5:


Someone you are with is very good at hiding what they are feeling. Because it’s not always obvious what angers them, you might unintentionally say or do something that triggers a strong reaction. Tread carefully in all relationships. An older relative or neighbour has got used to having your help. You’re tired of being at their beck and call. You feel they can now stand on their own two feet and you’ve got to get out of this habit.


People will be impressed by your skills and knowledge. You’re mixing with friends who are on the same wavelength and your online popularity increases. Although you have always been a stickler for routine, you long for a stimulating acceleration in activity. If taking a trip isn’t possible, doing a little armchair travel will can help. Watch movies set in exotic locales or experiment with recipes from foreign countries.


Pleasing people by giving in to them will make it easier for them to order you about in the future. Now is the time to stay true to your own interests. Bending to the will of a manipulative friend or partner puts them in a stronger position. Don’t give your power away. Are you single? You will have no shortage of admirers. Take this opportunity to build a friendship with someone from a distant shore. Facebook will keep you connected while you are apart.


You sense there is more to someone’s attentiveness than they are letting on. You are grateful for their helpfulness but a kind offer will have many strings attached. This situation is being stage managed to their benefit. Dare to approach them with your own stipulations the moment they turn around and call in a favour. The end of the week is great for sharing, being creative and having fun. You will soon be mixing with some unusual and exceptional people.


Someone you work with or who lives near you is getting too familiar. Their questions and comments are too personal for comfort. They may have done you a favour or two but that doesn’t give them permission to intrude. If there are topics you would prefer not to discuss, change the subject. Be patient with a relative who is going through some personal problems. Whether they are overwhelmed with financial or job related difficulties, a little kindness and patience will go a long way.


Why should you change your plans for the sake of an awkward friend or colleague? If someone keeps criticising your work, or your approach to a job you’ve carried out many times before, ignore their comments. A TV programme or online discovery will introduce you to an interesting new pastime. You will discover a natural talent for something like photography, design or art. Once you get hooked, you’ll think of nothing else. It will feel good to develop your creativity.


You could find yourself working with people you don’t know very well. It will be a struggle to get on the same wavelength. If you disagree with anyone, it might be a good idea to hold back and say little. Leave it to others to do the talking until you establish yourself as one of the team. Plans being discussed in the family are likely to result in a major upheaval. Pour your creativity into decorating schemes and delegate chores where you can.


A task is completed to everyone’s satisfaction. This is no small accomplishment. Be proud of the part you played in bringing this about. Experiences you go through now will make you more confident. You are more certain about your decisions and more determined about what you are doing. You and a partner have a lot to think and talk about and you will take a sensible approach to important matters.


A sum of money you were expecting to arrive as August ends is delayed. This will cause you a lot of hassle. You and your housemates may have to pool your resources to pay the bills. Solving problems won’t be easy because you have to rely so much on other people. This does not come naturally to you but when you need help, ask for it. You’re incredibly boisterous. Take advantage of your high energy levels to clear the decks of outstanding chores.


You might find it hard to take in all that happens as the week begins. You will be getting on really well with someone you’ve only recently met. Something wonderful is developing between you and if you’re single, this could be your chance to land a romantic interest. Your day to day activities feel more fulfilling and give you a gentle, comfortable pleasure. When you are doing what you love you might find that it could bring in a little extra cash in times to come.


The better the planning and the more prepared you are, the more you will fit into your days. Set a goal and share your intentions with people who may be interested. Once friends hear what you are planning, you will get many offers of support. This would be a great time to buy a house or make some home improvements but it might just not be possible right now so turn your attention to how you can make your domestic arrangements even more attractive and appealing.


A friend lets you down. You will try to forget it but it will seem to have started a chain reaction. People will forget promises made. Appointments are cancelled and anything that can go wrong will seem to go wrong. This will be temporary and the phase will end as abruptly as it began. Relationships and situations will improve later in the week. A senior colleague will hint that some form of advancement is on the cards for you and life won’t seem so bad, after all.