A couple of months ago a page about one of Marlow Jazz Club’s first venues, the Firefly at Bourne End, stirred a few memories so I thought I would feature another slightly later one from the 1980s – Mason’s, also in Bourne End, a pub previously known as the Red Lion.

The function room alongside was not much bigger than that at the Firefly but nevertheless some big names from the world of jazz appeared there. Like the Firefly it was another popular venue where jazz came to an end when the landlord left, and the new owners had other plans for the room.

1) This was the pub, on the Hedsor Road, function room on the right. In common with the Firefly, just up the road, it has now been replaced by housing.

2) The dynamic “Sweet Substitute” put on a terrific show. Angie Masterson, Teri Leggett and Kate McNab.

3) The great Georgie Fame was one of the top stars to appear, but could only be afforded with financial help from the BBC who recorded the gig for one of their “Jazz Club” broadcasts. This is one of my all-time favourite pictures – the band having a meal beforehand. I love the incredulous expression on pianist Mike Pyne’s face.

4) At the Firefly he had become a regular favourite when he was on tour – the legendary cornet maestro from Chicago, Wild Bill Davison, who played Mason’s at Christmastime, hence the balloons.

5) Multi-instrumentalist Barbara Thompson, with a close-up inset. Roger Munns is on piano.

6) Georgie Fame in action with Ron Heatherington on drums. I was told “Call me Clive, not Georgie”. Apparently he only says that to his friends, so I was quite honoured.

7) Another all-star line-up, partly funded by a further BBC “Jazz Club” recording: Tony Lee, piano; a youthful Scott Hamilton, tenor sax. (Now in his 60s, and regarded as best in the world, he played for the Club last January at the Royal British Legion Hall.) Ian Scott-Taylor, bass; Bobby Orr, drums; from Australia Bob Barnard, trumpet, and seated in front, another legend, the guitarist from all the 1930s Fats Waller hits – Al Casey.

8) A funky night with ‘Morrissey-Mullen’. Jim Mullen, guitar and Dick Morrissey, tenor sax.

9) Saxophonist Don Rendell, at Mason’s with the pork pie hat that had allegedly been given to him by one of my jazz heroes, Lester Young. Don later sold it to me.

I wish I had looked after it better rather than wearing it; it is very tatty now.

10) This was Lester, but not at Mason’s: he died in 1959!

Finally, it is sad to announce that one of Britain’s finest jazzmen, the award winning alto sax star Peter King passed away at the end of August, aged 80.

He was a great favourite at Marlow Jazz Club over many decades.

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