Several motorists in Marlow have complained that 30mph signs have been removed from a large stretch of road, which has led to a driver being fined for speeding.

Vince O'Hanlon, who runs three businesses, believed that the Parkway road in the town, which leads from the motorway to the Globe Industrial Estate, was a 60mph road, rather than 30mph.

Mr O’Hanlon was caught speeding on that road this year and is currently serving a 28-day driving ban.

He also had to pay a fine of around £800.

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He told the Free Press: “I don’t drive like a nutter – I was just doing the speed limit that I thought it was on the road.

“I thought it was a 60mph speed limit as it does look like a 60 to me.

“There is a motorway barrier on the right-hand side, and if you’re going through a 30mph road, you would know it.

“The thing is, I think this is a cash scam because that speed van has been there for years and I drove past it thinking I am not speeding and I saw it.”

“When I got the fine through, I thought it was a 60.

“But I have been told by friends that it has been there for donkeys years, so it is more in their interesting to make money, rather than spend a few quid on signs.

“How much does it pay to paint ‘30’ on the road?

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“I think they should paint them on the road.”

Mr O’Hanlon also told the judge that he would happily pay the money himself for signage on the road to warn other drivers that instead of a 60mph road, it is indeed a 30.

He continued: “The idea of putting a speed van there means it is a a driving hotspot.

“I can’t remember being any accidents bring reported down there.

"It is more of the case of that people don’t know it is a 30 so they’re cashing in on that.

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“It is a nightmare as I run three businesses so it is a real pain for me.

"And with Covid as well, my dad lives in Oxford so it makes it hard to go and do his shopping and he is in his 80s – but there is not a lot I can do at the moment.”

Another member of the public said: "Who takes responsibility for this road? Why are there no speed signs? And why has somebody removed all the helpful hand made signs kindly put up by the public to remind drivers that whilst this road in no way indicates it would be a 30 mph limit, that's exactly what it is.

"I would love to know how much the council are making out of fining drivers on this road. I myself have been fined twice for doing just over 40 mph because in no way does it look like a 30mph road."

Marlow Town Council responded by saying: “MTC have not removed any handmade signs during lock down.

“According to the Road Traffic Regulation Act, any road which has streetlights placed less than 200 yards apart is classed as a 30mph speed zone, unless displayed otherwise.

“However, MTC do monitor vehicle speeds in Marlow with three portable MVAS devices, we regularly share the data gathered with Bucks as the Highway authority and the Police.

“An MVAS unit will be placed in Parkway during the Autumn.

Buckinghamshire Council also confirmed that they were not aware of any handmade signage on the road, and that there is a 30mph notice when going past the mini roundabout when entering Marlow from the A404.