A student who has recently left a Marlow secondary school has revealed he co-founded a new tutoring service for school students.

Samuel Nicklin, who attended the Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, launched the website TutorMad (www.tutormad.com), with a student from Caverham’s Queen Anne’s School, during their ‘unforeseen free time since A-levels were cancelled’ due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Following leaving Borlase’s this summer, Mr Nicklin will be attending the London School of Economics in September.

Mr Nicklin said: “The initial idea behind TutorMad was to ensure that students don't fall behind in their education during lockdown, and it has now expanded into a service that provides effective tutoring and mentoring from academically outstanding students in the local area.

“As we expand, our ambition is to increase the accessibility of tuition, so that it is easier for children, irrespective of socio-economic background, to stay on top of their learning.

“We are passionate about the importance of education in young people's lives and, having just received our A-level results, understand how many students are worrying about their prospects due to the consequences of Covid-19.

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“With A-level results causing chaos, it has highlighted how mock exams and assessments throughout the year have never been more important.”

The tutors on the website are all Sixth Form or university students who achieved the highest grades in their respected subjects.

Samuel revealed that this was key to the business as ‘the students will not only have an academically outstanding tutor but a mentor who knows precisely what they are going through and is relatable to teens’.

This news of the website gathering pace comes a week after several of Borlase’s students tested positive for coronavirus, after allegedly returning from the Greek island of Zante.

He continued: “Our services will help take the stress away from working parents who have been home-schooling children since the beginning of the pandemic and relieve them from the pressure of keeping their child educated if schools do in fact close again.

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“One of our clients, who has a full-time job, hugely benefitted from up to five hours of tutoring a week to help their child stay on top of the piles of homework her school was setting despite providing no lessons or online help.

“That is why I want our tutoring to be more holistic than simply rote learning to ensure that students don’t focus on understanding their syllabus in a very one dimensional way.”

For more information, got to www.tutormad.com.