A FARM with aspirations to create a six-bedroom hotel fit for bridal parties will make its case before the council next week.

Rackley’s Farm, on Marlow Road, in Cadmore End, has applied to transform its farmhouse into a wedding venue with a special interest in the bride-to-be and their entourage.

The matter will be discussed at the West Buckinghamshire Area Planning Committee, on Tuesday, September 15.

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As part of its scheme, the applicant, The Sargent Charitable Trust, proposes converting the existing farmhouse into a six-bed hotel “for guests in connection with use of Rackley’s Farm as a wedding venue”.

Its primary function will be to cater to “the bridal party”, according to council documents.

There will be six separate bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and dining area, as well as bathroom facilities. Up to 59 parking spaces are also mentioned.

Having demolished its existing rear extensions, the Trust also plans to build a new “storm porch” at the front of the property and a two-story extension with “two wings” at the back.

There is also mention of an “external bridal terrace” providing the bridal suite with a “private space overlooking the Chiltern Hills”.

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The application is “acceptable in principle”, according to the report.

However, the design must respect the “special character, appearance and enjoyment” of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and a public footpath running through part of the site.

Use of Rackley’s farmyard as a wedding venue was recently approved. The farm itself is on the B482, on the outskirts of Cadmore End.

Conservative Cllrs Jean Teesdale and Ian McEnnis called the application in for scrutiny.