The Bucks Free Press is proud to be launching a campaign in support of our air ambulance heroes this week.

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA) is one of the most vital services for those who are critically injured or ill in Bucks, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Within minutes, highly trained paramedics, doctors and pilots can be on scene where needed and are ready for any eventuality - regularly saving lives.

They are called out an average of seven times a day to people in need of the most urgent critical care.

But the air ambulance is a charity and funded through important public donations.

Like many other charities, the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating to TVAA in terms of funding and they had to launch a £1 million fundraising campaign to keep them going.

Here at the Bucks Free Press, we think this vital service must be able to continue.

To lose our amazing air ambulance service would would be a huge blow. Lives literally depend on it.

So in National Air Ambulance Week, and as TVAA prepares to celebrate its 21st anniversary, we are launching this special campaign to remind readers why we are so fortunate to have this important service.

Throughout the campaign, we will be sharing stories from those who have been helped, a behind-the-scenes look at how TVAA works, the history of the service, fundraising initiatives and special events.

And we want to hear from you if you have a story to share.

Amanda McLean, Thames Valley Chief Executive said: “We’re so humbled and delighted by this new partnership and campaign with the Bucks Free Press and their amazing readers.

“This year has been momentous, but even with the celebrations and challenges, our crew has and will remain on call each and every day for you and your families.

“We are so happy to be starting this journey into the future of your air ambulance with you by our side.”

Group Editor Andrew Colley said: “Our team at the Bucks Free Press is completely in awe at the outstanding heroes at Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

“The coronavirus pandemic has given residents a chance to appreciate and acknowledge first responders, but it has also decimated local charities and, in this case, hampered the work of the very people we are celebrating.

“And that’s where we need your help. Sadly, all too often on the pages of the Free Press we read stories of tragic accidents but with this regularly comes the amazing efforts of the air ambulance teams.

“Their support could be the difference between life and death and we will never know when we, friends and family, will need them next.

“As we look to shine a spotlight on their incredible work, please do everything you can to dig deep and secure their future.”

You can help instantly. Ten pounds could buy a blast dressing to treat amputations and burns.

Make a one-off donation or set up a regular donation by going to