A fraudster who conned two pensioners out of more than £700 after he convinced them they needed new roof tiles has been jailed.

Paddy Doran, from Chalfont St Giles, visited the pensioners at their home in Kent uninvited on three separate occasions in March.

He told the two elderly residents that their roof tiles needed replacing.

He said whoever had first installed the tiles had stolen them and therefore it was important they were replaced.

The roof was actually perfectly fine but the pensioners were persuaded to hand over the cash - but the work Doran, of Townfield Lane, promised was never completed.

The 31-year-old fraudster then tried to get them to draw out a further £1,200.

The matter was reported to Kent Police and an investigation was launched by the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate.

While officers were at the scam victims' address, Doran was spotted driving past the house - so they followed him until he stopped his car in a nearby cul-de-sac and tried to walk away.

He was caught and arrested and was prevented from getting his hands on any more cash from innocent victims.

He was charged with fraud by false representation and driving a vehicle without insurance after the car he was seen driving was not registered to him.

Despite denying the charges against him, a jury found him guilty at the end of a trial at Maidstone Crown Court which finished on Monday, September 14.

He was jailed for two years and three months at the same court the next day.

Investigating officer, DC Mark Newman, said: "Anyone can become a victim of fraud but it is usually the most vulnerable in our society who are targeted.

"Doran misled his victims and conned them out of a large sum of money, clearly with no intention of ever working for that money.

"Whilst there are many legitimate businesses out there we continue to urge people and those living next door to vulnerable individuals to be guarded against doorstep callers.

"We must make people aware of these crimes and make neighbours and friends more confident to question what is going on. It might be nothing but it is always better to double check.

"Doran has also been given a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order, which will impose conditions on him following his release.

"They include not being able to cold-call on members of the public, offer business services or instruct others to do so on his behalf.

"If he fails to comply with the court order he could be sent back to prison."