A doctors surgery in Marlow has reminded people within the town of the pressures they are under, after some patients have allegedly ‘thrown objects across the surgery’ and have ‘sworn at receptionists.’

The Marlow Medical Group (Marlow Doctors), which is based on Victoria Road, put out a lengthy statement on September 17, explaining their current procedures and that they are 'working hard' to make sure that their patients and members of staff are 'safe'.

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This comes after many people across the country have criticised hospitals and surgeries for long waiting times, which negates their support which was shown during the ‘Clap for Carers’ scheme.

An excerpt from their statement reads: “We have absorbed an enormous amount of work that has been diverted from other NHS services to us, because of Covid-related changes in the way they operate.

“Despite the pressures we are under, the Marlow Medical Group has managed to operate throughout this pandemic.

“Against all odds, we did not have a single day of an unscheduled closure of the surgery.

“We have continued to look after and serve our registered population throughout this pandemic when most other services and businesses were closed.

“We are grateful to those patients who have supported us throughout, who have clapped for us, written messages of support and cheered us up with sweets and treats.

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“We are happy to discuss our processes and pressures, but we cannot accept it when patients are swearing at our receptionists, when objects are thrown across the surgery or when patients are simply not willing to accept that their individual wants have to be balanced against the needs of other equally deserving patients, as well as the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff.

“We would ask everybody to take a step back, think about how we (as a country as well as a local community) have fared during this pandemic, how many losses and tragedies people have endured, and reconsider how we would like to engage with those who continue to stand at the frontline of this pandemic.”

At the time of writing, 41,788 people have died with Covid-19 complications in the UK.

And despite there being a huge decrease of fatalities over the summer months, which saw lockdown restrictions get lifted on June 23, three months after it was implemented in the country, another complete shut down of the UK could take place in the autumn and winter.

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Since July, many businesses have reopened under new, strict guidelines, but with the cases and deaths slowly on the rise, the Government has since announced that pubs and restaurants will close at 10pm from Thursday, September 24, to try and reduce the number of cases.

The Government is also urging businesses to work or operate from home.

The statement continued: “We are proud and grateful for the support and collaboration we have with our local volunteers, other NHS services like the district nursing teams and palliative teams, the local care homes and pharmacists - and, importantly, the Marlow Rugby Club.

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“We are here to help, we are happy to listen - but we deserve to be treated with respect, and whilst we are aware of the frustrations that this new way of working brings to us all we cannot tolerate unacceptable behaviour towards our team.”

To read the full statement, click here.