A LABOUR councillor said he expects a public consultation on a recently amended traffic control system to regulate the number of heavy vehicles using a controversial highway bound for HS2.

Cllr Robin Stuchbury told the Free Press he ‘hopes’ Buckinghamshire Council will consult residents in Beaconsfield about an amended Local Traffic Management Plan (LTMP), which concerns the “volume of HS2 construction traffic using the A355 relief road”.

The LTMP is designed to instruct a developer on how to “manage traffic, transport and highways for HS2”.

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The Beaconsfield Society recently highlighted its own concerns that as many as 400 HGVs could be imminently travelling in and out of the Old Town every day.

This admission came as Inland Homes CEO, Stephen Wicks, appeared during an online spat to partly blame residents for the prolonged project, which could still be another four years away from completion, “all being well”.

Labour member Cllr Stuchbury challenged Buckinghamshire Council in a letter over the volume of traffic, claiming the unitary authority had “effectively handed control of the timing of completion of the relief road to Inland Homes, resulting in hundreds of HS2 construction HGVs to soon be using the Beaconsfield Old Town Conservation Area.”

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In response, Conservative councillor and cabinet member for planning and enforcement, Warren Whyte, wrote: “Buckinghamshire Council has now received an amended Local Traffic Management Plan, giving formal notification of the HS2 Act process of the volume of HS2 construction traffic that will be using the A355 to gain access to HS2 work sites.

“We have now received a number of details to meet requirements of conditions and the remaining ones will be submitted over the next few weeks.

“Once received, the council will have a clearer picture of the impact and timescale and may need to seek further clarification from HS2.

“We can then make an assessment of any mitigation that might be necessary on the highway network to accommodate these vehicles and review the latest programme for the southern section of the A355 link road at that time.”

He added: “The council is continuing to work with Inland Homes, HS2 and the local MP’s office to explore any practical options that may be available to accelerate the delivery of the road.”

Cllr Stuchbury said: “The LTMP for HS2 is at the heart of these residents’ concerns.

“I sincerely hope there will be some consultation within the area, if not being undertaken already, explaining the legalities of this and what Buckinghamshire Council will be doing to mitigate the effects of traffic on the Beaconsfield community.

“I would again suggest, in all these instances, what is clear is Beaconsfield residents bear no responsibility for the current situation.”