Two more High Wycombe schools have confirmed cases of Covid-19.

A Year 5 pupil at Beechview Academy and a Year 9 pupil at Highcrest Academy have tested positive for the virus.

It comes after a number of pupils at Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow and Chesham Grammar School were diagnosed with the illness following a summer trip abroad, as was a Year 11 pupil at The Chalfonts Community College.

Dr Peter Holding, head teacher at Beechview Academy in Guinions Road, said the family of the affected child took a "sensible approach" which has allowed all school staff and pupils to stay protected.

He said: "We were notified today by a parent of a child in Year 5 that she had received a positive test.

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"The child has been off school since first displaying symptoms last Tuesday; the test was booked but only took place on Friday and the results came in today, so the whole system worked, but a bit slowly.

"Following advice from the DfE helpline, all of the children in that pupil's class, along with the class teacher and the teaching assistant, have been asked to isolate for the remainder of the 14 day period.

"We expect them to return to school next Tuesday morning.

"We were really grateful to all of the affected parents for their quick and positive responses, and to the family of the affected child for their sensible approach, which has helped to protect others in the school."

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Meanwhile, Glen Burke, principal at Highcrest Academy in Hatters Lane, sent a letter home to parents today [Tuesday] to say one of their pupils had been affected.

The students at Highcrest have been kept in year group 'bubbles' since returning, so only year 9 students have been affected.

The letter said the school has acted "promptly" and that they are following official Public Health England guidance.

Mr Burke said: "As we have kept the students in bubbles, the only year group who needs to self-isolate is Year 9. These parents have been informed.

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"In addition, every member of staff who has been in close contact with the confirmed case on the one day they attended school since last Monday, September 14, has also been sent to self-isolate for 14 days since they last had contact with the confirmed case.

"Guidance now says that only those students who we have already sent home to self-isolate need to do so.

"It states that no other students nor family members need to self-isolate, even if they have been in contact with the students who we have sent home."