Members from Wild Marlow were taken on a tour of the town’s woodland, where they found poisonous mushrooms.

Organised by Bucks Fungus Group and led by Penny Cullington, a small group of mycophiles was taken to Pullingshill Wood in Marlow Common to see the fungi.

In the space of a two-hour walk, the group identified more than 25 species, including Milk Cap Lactarius, Blusher Amanita Rubescens, Death Cap mushrooms, and the great Fly Agaric, the classic, red-topped mushroom.

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Nick Horslen from Wild Marlow said: “Penny was incredibly knowledgeable and full of insights, sharing both the Latin and common names of the species and explaining how rare or common each was.

“To hear all about their anatomy, life cycle, names, preference for location, and tree types were so interesting.

“We learned a huge amount on a short walk.”

Following the success of the first event, Wild Marlow has organised two further fungi walks.