An "inspirational" seven-year-old who helped save her ill father's life three times has been recognised for her bravery.

Lyra Copete was awarded a certificate of appreciation and some gifts from High Wycombe mayor Cllr Maz Hussain.

The Bucks Free Press previously shared how Lyra helped save her father Ian, a lifelong kidney patient who has to have dialysis at home, when he started rapidly losing blood.

Teacher Ian started bleeding profusely from a fistula in his arm one day at their High Wycombe home - and Lyra, who was just five years old at the time, sprang into action to help her mum Heather as she desperately tried to stem the bleed.

As she has grown up seeing her father unwell, Lyra had been taught life-saving skills and helped fetch towels, call 999 and directed paramedics to the scene while Heather put pressure on the wound and held a tourniquet around Ian’s arm.

Ian and Heather spoke to the Bucks Free Press back in 2018 about the importance of teaching children life-saving techniques so they can assist in times of crisis.

Her parents always knew she was amazing - but Lyra now has recognition from the mayor for her efforts.

On Sunday, September 20, Lyra and her parents met with Cllr Hussain so he could give her a certificate of appreciation and some gifts.

Cllr Hussain said: "During my time as mayor, I have met some truly inspirational people and today was no exception.

"Meet seven-year-old Lyra Copete. She has helped save her father's life three times.

"He is a life-long kidney patient and has dialysis at home.

"Along with her mum, she gets the equipment ready, dials 999 in emergencies, waits for the ambulance and shows them where to go.

"She even knows what to put in her father's hospital bag and packs it for him. She's an absolute star."