CCTV is set to be upgraded near a popular village open space amid complaints anti-social behaviour turned the car park into a “party venue”.

Residents living near Wooburn Park in Wooburn Green complained that there had been increase in people driving to the car park off Wash Hill, playing loud music late into the night and leaving litter.

One fed up resident wrote to the parish council to ask if the car park could be locked overnight, saying: “It is increasingly being used as a meet-up venue for groups coming by car and playing very loud music, often into late evening.

“I understand that the litter left evidences drug misuse. The police rarely seem to patrol the area despite the fact they have been informed of disturbances.

“Would it be possible for some notices to be put up to advise drivers who park up and continue to sit in their cars with radios blasting out that this lacks consideration for local residents and the peace of other park users.”

They added: “Closure even on a trial basis would break the habit of using the car park for a party venue.”

Councillors on Wooburn and Bourne End Parish Council decided against shutting the car park at night at their June meeting, noting that there are no gates there and that signage warning of CCTV has proved ineffective.

In an update on the situation at their latest meeting on Tuesday evening (September 22), town clerk Malcolm Silver said since their last discussion, the issues were now not as bad as they used to be.

He said: “Police have been going down there more often and there is now a big sign warning of a police operation in progress.

“A resident said, fingers crossed, it seems to be better than it was, but we all know it just moves elsewhere and I think they have moved onto Flackwell Heath.”

He added that a company will be upgrading the CCTV in the area so it can work at night and decipher car number plates.

Meanwhile, work is set to start on building toilets at the pavilion in the park on Monday, September 28.