A PROBLEM pathway ‘plagued by drugs and prostitution’ will remain sealed from the public for a further three years.

The renewal of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to tackle ongoing crime and antisocial behaviour in a footpath running behind a row of houses on West End Road, High Wycombe, has been carried.

The order was initially made by Wycombe District Council in October 2017, lasting 36 months.

Access to the area is permissible only by residents.

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The council, working with Thames Valley Police, sealed off public access to the walkway in the Desborough Road area due to ongoing loitering, substance abuse, disruptive behaviour, littering, and criminal damage.

There is also mention of drug dealing and drug taking, and prostitution.

Bucks Free Press:

During a Buckinghamshire Local Access Forum, on Wednesday, September 23, Cllr Alan Turner said: “I do know this area very well. I know the issues that have been faced with this public bridleway.

“It’s not really a great loss because it’s only a very short detour to go around the block and the issues being faced are really concerning to local residents.

“It’s an area that’s been plagued for a number of years with all kinds of antisocial behaviour. Some of it really quite worrying.

“For a long time, it’s been an area for drug dealing and drug taking. There’s been prostitution and all kinds of very unsavoury behaviour going on. Residents were really quite relieved when it was closed off.

“I think, in this instance, I would support that the current order continue for another three years.”

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Cllr Turner added ongoing local regeneration will bring the area “up market” in years to come and at that point it could be reopened. Other members agreed.

A spokesperson for the Chiltern Society acknowledged the seriousness of the order, but contested it, saying a “continuous pedestrian route is now blocked”.

He added: “If there is antisocial behaviour then it just displaces it somewhere else.”

Members voted in the majority to renew the order.