Although a relative “youngster” in comparison with other local churches (Little Marlow, Cookham, Bisham, Hurley) Marlow’s All Saints, built in 1834, has seen many changes over the decades. A few are pictured on today’s page.

1. An early print, before the age of the camera, and showing the newly built church: low roof, thin spire and main entrance on the north (Causeway) side, and with Ye Olde Swan pub close by.

2. One of the first available photographs with the newly built vicarage alongside. The latter dated from 1867 and replaced the pub.

3. The added chancel is visible on the east side, dating from 1877.

It looks totally out of place and must have been built with further alterations in mind.

4. This was the inside view in 1877, probably the first to show this new chancel and also includes the original galleries and box pews.

I have a nice old picture of a Mrs Creswell who held the position of “Pew Opener”. She directed members of the congregation to their allotted and gated private pews, and probably received a gratuity for so doing.

The job included keeping the pews dusted out every week, but also a less desirable task, emptying receptacles provided for those “taken short” during a long sermon!

5. The higher roof has been installed, the one we see today, and this resulted in the galleries being removed and the Father Willis organ enclosed, to the detriment of its sound.

6. Following a severe gale in 1897 the original spire was badly damaged.

This was the new spire, slightly broader and with eight not four pinnacles at the base and a few other changes to the bell tower. 3,5 and 6 are three remarkable and very large framed sepia photographs that I have, obviously taken by the same person, from exactly the same spot and ten years apart, 1880, 1890, 1900.

The growth of trees on the area now occupied by our War Memorial can be gauged. I have never found more details of the photographer or come across other copies. These are amongst my most prized possessions.

7. An internal view from the 1950s, chairs replacing the old pews. Around 1970 new pews were re-installed, many dedicated to former members of the congregation.

8. Also from the 1950s and a view from the same place as my three framed pictures, but now including our War Memorial.

The tree that blocked a view of the church from the High Street is no longer there.

This column has regularly mentioned the former local photographer Malcolm McIntyre-Ure and often used his pictures. I am sorry to tell you that he passed away two weeks ago.

A likeable but rather eccentric character; many people still have happy memories of him. He left Marlow Bottom to live in mid Wales, but still often sent me pictures. I will do a page of some of his best ones next week.

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