AN ‘UNRELENTING’ racket coming ‘all hours of the day’ from a motorbike is making one woman’s life miserable.

Elaine Dixon, of Freer Crescent, in High Wycombe, said “a loud buzzing noise” coming from a stationary orange motorbike near her home is causing her headaches and forcing her to use painkillers.

Ms Dixon has been plagued by the “constant” din “24-hours a day” since her return from an overseas work trip last week.

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The high-pitch humming, emanating from the parked vehicle, has been reported to Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire Council.

And despite claims by the council it will check the bike’s number plate with the DVLA and resolve the issue, Ms Dixon said “the noise is still ongoing”.

She said she is self-isolating at home for two weeks after her trip abroad and is now trapped in her apartment with the loud buzzing sound.

“When I came back from an overseas work trip on Wednesday, September 23, I was unloading my luggage in the garage and I heard a nearby, bright orange motorbike making a loud buzzing noise like an alarm,” she said.

Bucks Free Press:

“After hearing this noise non-stop, 24-hours a day, I called the police who said because it’s a noise complaint it’s down to the council’s environmental services.

“I called the council’s out of hours number, but they said they don’t deal with that over the weekend and to call back on Monday.

“But on Monday I was told there’s nothing that can be done because I don’t know the exact address of the owner. I live in an apartment block and it’s only going to be one of seven apartments.

“I was told to get a friend to knock on people’s doors but I’m not going to put a friend in that situation – you never know how people will respond to complaints from those not in a position of authority.

“When I called the police again, they said the council is breaching its responsibilities. The police can’t do anything.

“I’m taking painkillers all the time do deal with the noise this headache is causing.”

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Since then, Buckinghamshire Council has contacted Ms Dixon and said it is following the matter up with the DVLA. Meanwhile, the buzzing continues.

“I can’t stay in isolation for two weeks with this constant, loud, unrelenting noise,” she said. “I need to have my windows and doors open.

Bucks Free Press:

“The bright orange motorbike is easy to see – and hear – and the owners will live in one of the seven apartments.

“I’m not sure if it is an alarm which has been worn out for the most part and this is the leftover noise.”

A Buckinghamshire Council spokesperson said: “We now have full details from Ms Dixon and understand the noise might be related to an alarm on a parked motorbike. We are making contact with the bike owner to resolve the issue.”