A man from Marlow who admitted to stealing a Ranger Rover as part of an international crime gang has had his sentencing postponed.

Stephen Chromik, 60, of Bobmore Lane, was one of seven men who were supplying and exporting stolen vehicles to northern Cyprus.

He was due to be sentenced in August but according to the City of London Police, Chromik didn’t turn up for sentencing after he said he had Covid-19 symptoms

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The CoLP also confirmed that a new sentencing date at Southwark Crown Court is in the process of being selected.

Chromik was part of a gang that had stolen vehicles which were exported to the Mediterranean country, by removing tracking devices, re-registering vehicles and using fake licence plates to avoid detection.

The investigation into the thefts was led by the City of London Police, with detectives identifying more than 120 stolen vehicles linked to the organised crime group - with losses to industry of around £5 million.

The men got their hands on high value cars in the UK through crimes such as identity fraud, fraudulent insurance claims and the sale of vehicles belonging to finance companies.

And over a 14-month period, the City of London Police seized a number of cars that were destined to be sold by the gang.

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These included two Audi Q7s worth £80,000 each, two Range Rover Velars worth £60,000 each, a Range Rover Vogue worth £40,000, two BMW 5 series worth £40,000 each and a Mercedes AMG worth £40,000.

Detective Constable Barry Butler, from the City of London Police, said: “Serious and organised crime is a huge risk to national and, in this case, international security.

“By disrupting not only the gangs involved, but seizing their criminal assets and frustrating their funding, we have successfully removed an international illicit criminal market that, in all likelihood, was utilised by dangerous criminal groups in the UK.”