A member of Marlow Town Council recently helped a group of volunteers clear up the town from litter.

Jocelyn Towns, who is the leader of the town council, joined the Marlow Wombles in picking up rubbish as part of the annual and national Great British September Clean, which encourages residents in their local areas to help keep their town, city, or village free of litter.

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A Marlow Wombles volunteer said: “Thanks to Leader of the Town Council Jocelyn Towns, for joining us on a litter pick in Gossmore Park today [September 24].

“It would be good to say we found no litter and the park was pretty tidy but we found two huge bags of litter again from under the A404 arches.”

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Marlow has had its fair share of litter problems this year, with the town during the summer months being covered in waste, especially on the High Street and in Higginson Park.

The amount of litter was so huge that Mrs Towns urged those who live in the town to use bins and not throw their waste on the ground.