Tom Kerridge’s Pub the Park team have responded to criticism amid claims festival-goers are still waiting for refunds following the cancellation of this year’s Picnic in the Park.

The annual music and food festival was due to take place between September 24 to September 27 at Marlow's Higginson Park.

However, on September 21, it was confirmed that the event would not be going ahead due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Those in charge have promised immediate refunds but according to customers, some festival goers are still waiting for their money back after Pub in the Park was twice cancelled this year.

After the announcement was made, some people took to Instagram to share their frustration due to not receiving their money, with some users suggesting they have been waiting for around three months to get a refund.

One user said: “How about refunding those that have been waiting three months?

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“Those that are unemployed, those that are struggling.

"Why the massive delay?”

Another Instagram user said: “It seems that most people are waiting for refunds that have been promised.

“I have been waiting since July.

“I understand it’s a difficult time for everyone, most have suffered, but we’re still entitled to our refunds and some need it more than most following job losses.

“It really is a poor service."

Chris Hughes, CEO of Pub in the Park responded by saying: “We are a small company that has been faced with 20 separate event cancellations this summer.

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“We have worked extremely hard through the lockdown to process and pay refund applications, in the order that they were received - 90 per cent of these have now been paid.

“The remainder will be paid within the next two weeks.

“We are extremely grateful for the kindness, patience and support we have received from our customers throughout this difficult time.”