THE PRIME Minister has said he ‘feels the pain’ of Aylesbury’s MP over HS2's disruption but stopped short of answering a key question about plans to ease noise pollution on Wendover residents.

Rob Butler pressed Boris Johnson for his thoughts on the refusal of a bored mined tunnel in the village at Prime Minister’s Questions this lunchtime (September 30).

The Aylesbury MP asked: “My constituents in Wendover will be worst affected by the construction of phase one of HS2, according to the House of Lords.

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“The best mitigation for the village would undoubtedly be a bored mined tunnel but that has been refused.

“Does my Right Honourable Friend agree with this decision, and if so, will he ensure that HS2 Ltd and its contractors will work constructively with the Wendover HS2 group to minimise noise pollution and avoid damaging the aquifer by other means?”

This comes after Lord Tony Berkeley and Wendover Parish Council launched a last-ditch appeal to the Department for Transport for a 4.2 kilometre mined tunnel to be built.

The Parish Council believes these particular designs would make the work cheaper and would mean the project is “less disruptive” to residents.

But as noted in a letter from Lord Berkeley to Andrew Stephenson, the minister responsible for the scheme, the HS2 select committee ‘rejected the bored tunnel solution primarily on the grounds of cost’.

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In light of this, Rob Butler asked the Prime Minister for his thoughts on the refusal.

Responding to the Aylesbury MP, Boris Johnson said: “As Prime Minister, I totally support HS2 and the ambition our linking our country up better.

“As a local MP I feel his pain and I understand exactly where he’s coming from.

“I’ve been assured in my conversation with HS2 that they are having extensive engagement with the Wendover group.

“I know Wendover well as he knows and I ask the relevant minister to make contact with him.”

The PM’s answer drew a mixed response from Twitter users reacting to the questions.

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One said: “The PM doing what he does best. Bat away any incoming bouncers to someone else. The man is a waste of space.”

Richard Lloyd, Aylesbury Town Councillor, said: “It's a shame he didn't answer the second part of your question.”

Bucks Free Press:

The HS2 route will pass narrowly by to the west of Wendover.