HAVE you wondered why the planters and hanging baskets around Aylesbury town centre are not being watered?

You may not be alone, but thankfully the Town Council has now explained the greenery is being left to dry out intentionally.

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A Facebook post from Aylesbury Town Council read: “Please be aware that the planters, troughs and hanging baskets around the town have not been neglected.

“You may see that the flowers are wilting and drying out.

“This is intentional.

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“By not watering them for a short period means it easier to remove them and prepare for re-planting.

“This year’s summer flowers really brightened up our town but now we will go through this ‘change over period’ to prepare for next season.

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Judging by the comments left on the post, the additions to the town centre have been well-received.

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One person said: “Thank you to all those that work so hard to brighten up the town. They look fabulous every year, but this year we have needed them more than ever.”

Another added: “The planters, troughs and baskets have looked amazing as always this year. Every time I have brought my mum into Aylesbury she has commented on how wonderful they have looked.”